Student Housing

Candler Residence Hall

Candler Residence Hall
With a layout that mirrors its neighboring Hawkins Hall on the Residential Quad, Candler features fully-furnished two-or-four-bedroom apartments that include cable TV, internet access and phone lines in each room.  A community room is located at the end of the east wing.  Candler Hall is named in memory of Mrs. Lee Edwards Candler.
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Hawkes Hall

Hawkes Hall A recent $1.4 million renovation allows the four-story Hawkes Hall to house female students on the second, third and fourth floors, while Education Department offices and classrooms occupy the ground floor.   Student rooms with wood floors and high ceilings are furnished with single beds (mattresses measure 36" x 72"), chests, desks, lamps and chairs. The building, which features a large-screen TV lounge and three separate laundry facilities, was named in memory of Mrs. Harriet Hawkes, mother of College benefactor A.K. Hawkes.
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Hawkins Hall

Hawkins Hall
Completed in 2002, this apartment-style hall houses 124 students.  Arranged in either two-or-four-bedroom floor plans with one bathroom per two students, the apartments are fully furnished and have full kitchens. Hawkins Hall is named in honor of Annie Carter Hawkins and in the memory of Allen Willard Hawkins, Sr., parents of Scott Hawkins '74.
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J.K. Boatwright Residence Hall

J.K. Boatwright Residence Hall
Renovated in 2003, Boatwright Hall features a traditional dormitory arrangement with a central hall and two community bathrooms on each floor.  Double occupancy rooms house up to 102 men.  Every Boatwright room comes with a refrigerator and microwave, beds (mattresses measure 36" x 80"), desks, chairs, dressers, closets and window blinds.   The building was named for J.K. Boatwright, longtime member of the College's Board of Trustees.
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Turner Hall

Turner Hall
Turner Hall was renovated and enlarged in 2003 to house the Mabry Gipson Student Center, which features The Campus Grill, student assembly rooms, and activity space.  The third floor remains a residence hall with a central hall and community bathrooms. Spacious rooms have closets and built-in dressers, while the desks, chairs and beds are moveable. Mattresses measure
36" x 72".

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Waights G.Henry, Jr., Residence Hall

Waights G.Henry, Jr., Residence Hall
This five-story brick building features open-air porches and air-conditioned, four-person suites. Internet access is provided, as well as cable TV, and laundry facilities. Unique to Henry Hall are these amenities: a cardio vascular gym (with stationary exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machine, and flat screen TVs), a computer lab, and tutoring center. The structure is named in honor of Dr. Waights G. Henry, Jr., president of LaGrange College from 1948-1978."
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Residence Community FAQ

Is everyone required to live on campus?
Full-time students are required to live on campus all four years unless they:
  • Live within 30 miles of campus and will be living at home with parents or legal guardians
  • Are 23 years or older
  • Are married and living with a spouse
  • Have dependents other than themselves
  • Have served two or more years of active duty military service

What is included in the Residency Hall room charge ?

  • Air conditioning
  • Cable television
  • Local phone service with voice mail and caller ID (student must provide phone)
  • Internet access
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities
  • Community microwaves, refrigerators
  • Magnetic card security system

What shall I bring when I move in?

  • Bath towels
  • Pillow
  • Sheets for single bed
  • Blanket/bedspread
  • Laundry basket/bag
  • Wastebasket
  • Iron
  • Alarm clock
  • Personal items
  • Flashlight
  • Please – no refrigerators larger than five cubic feet.  Microwaves are located in each building.


  • Rooms may not be painted
  • All furniture assigned to a room must remain in that room
  • No pets except fish
  • No George Foreman Grills or stove top units (hot plates)

Is there a Damage Deposit?

  • Room Deposit
    Full-time undergraduate day students entering the college during and following the 2014 Fall semester will be required to pay a $300 enrollment deposit to reserve their space in the incoming class. No deposit will be refunded after May 1. All students deposited by May 1 will be guaranteed campus housing pending space limitations. Campus housing assignments will be finalized and room/board charged will be applied by July 1. Students must have all required paperwork (including requests to live off campus) submitted by this date. Students who deposit after July 1 will be assigned housing, if available, on a first-come, first-served basis. Of this $300 enrollment deposit, $100 covers a residence hall damage deposit that may be refundable at the time that the student either graduates or receives permission to live off campus (less any assessed fees due to damages). The remaining $200 is used by the College to cover many of the services provided during the first year. Students who entered the institution prior to the 2014 Fall semester and who have a residence hall damage deposit pending with the college will receive a reimbursement of those monies as noted above.

    Students that fail to check-out of their residence hall room at the end of the year will receive a fine and forfeit their $100 deposit that will no longer be refundable based on the non-check-outs.

  • Spring to Fall Room Hold Assessment
    Beginning in the 2014 Spring semester, all full-time undergraduate day students will be required to pay a
    $200 Spring to Fall Room Hold charge. To participate in the housing lottery and/or to register for upcoming Fall classes, students must either: (a) pay the $200 charge to the college, or (b) submit the required documentation to the housing office and receive a waiver permitting that student permission to live off campus as directed by the college’s residency requirement. Those students who pay the $200 charge to reserve a campus residence hall room and who occupy that room during the Fall semester will have the monies credited to their account at the end of the first month of classes. The $200 charge may be paid at the College’s business office.

    Note that students graduating in May or the summer will not be required to pay the $200 room hold fee and that the $200 Spring to Fall Room Hold charge is not refundable if students choose not to return to the college in the Fall semester.

For additional information please download the housing agreement .