Faculty & Staff Profiles

  • Heather MillerHeather Miller
    Heather Miller, Admissions Counselor, LaGrange College alumna and award-winning athlete, answers questions about the freshman experience, including "What should I do if I find myself struggling in class?

  • Emma HigginsEmma Higgins
    Admissions Counselor and LaGrange College alumna Emma Higgins offers personal advice to freshman regarding time management, dealing with stress and making friends.

  • Dr. Mariangela VecchiariniDr. Mariangela Vecchiarini
    Business and Accounting professor Mariangela Vecchiarini is proud to come from a family of entrepreneurs. Learn more about her plans to lead a Study Away class to explore Italian businesses that have been run by the same families for centuries.

  • Joshua RobertsJoshua Roberts
    Saturday, May 2, current LC students are invited to audition for LC's new band program. In this short video, Josh Roberts outlines his vision for the program and invites questions.

  • Eryk WatsonEryk Watson
    Admissions counselor Eryk Watson uses the real-world experience he gained from his time as a pro basketball player to recruit and advise new students. His most frequent suggestion: Don't shortcut anything.

  • David McGrealDavid McGreal
    Director of College Access and Admissions David McGreal, when advising future LaGrange College students, offers some firsthand advice: "Ignore your expectations and get ready to be transformed."

  • Beth EverettBeth Everett
    Associate Professor of Music Beth Everett is responsible for blending dozens of talented voices into an audience-pleasing choral sound. Her students, however, receive more than just music instruction. They receive valuable lessons in cooperation, personal confidence and patience.

  • Rev. Adam RobertsRev. Adam Roberts
    Rev. Adam Roberts, new Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life, actively tries to abolish many students' image of a detached, collar-clad pastor. "My parish begins right outside the door of my office," Adam says. "I want to encourage students to express their faith, their gifts, and get connected with God."

  • Dr. Arya AlamiDr. Arya Alami
    Dr. Arya Alami, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, knows what it's like to be the "new kid on campus."

  • Sandy BlairSandy Blair
    Assistant Professor of Nursing Sandy Blair has a heart for ministering to patients and students.

    "I've always loved being able to help people and to feel like I'm doing something for someone else in a time of need," she says.

  • Tim TauntonTim Taunton
    Ceramics professor Tim Taunton will be the first to tell you he doesn't know everything – and that is fine with him.

    "I don't always like to be critical of student's clay working techniques just because they are different from my own. There are many different methods of creating with ceramics, and I don't know them all," he says. "In addition to teaching, I'm also here to explore with my students. I think that is one of the many things we really do well at this college – we learn and work together." more...

  • Rob DicksRob Dicks
    Rob Dicks, Director of Athletic Training and Compliance, is a firm believer that things happen for a reason.

    This year he was invited by the Rev. Blair Tolbert, Director of Student Ministries, to accompany students on an Alternative Spring Break trip to Orlando. He had no idea what his presence would mean.

  • Dr. William YinDr. William Yin
    The secret to understanding math is that there is no secret.

    "The key is perseverance," says math professor Dr. William Yin.

    "You keep working hard and eventually you get it."

    Speaking from experience, Yin didn't start out as a 'whiz kid.'

  • Alvin LingenfelterAlvin Lingenfelter
    Alvin Lingenfelter, Assistant Professor of Religion, says his introduction to the concept of service came early.

    "My journey as a servant-leader honestly started with my parents," he says. "My dad was a hard-working, blue-collar kind of guy who would get me off the couch and out from in front of the television."

  • Dr. Chad HarrisDr. Chad Harris
    For a good part of this summer, Dr. Chad Harris found himself in the midst of chaos. And he could not have been happier.

    Surrounded by boxes of equipment in the former Simpson Fitness Room in Mariotti Gym, the chair of the new Exercise Science and Physical Education Department carefully mapped out where he wanted everything to go.

  • Dr. Joshua Van LieuDr. Joshua Van Lieu
    Dr. Joshua Van Lieu, Assistant Professor of History and Curriculum Director of the Asian Studies Program, is passionate about preparing students to be citizens of the world.

    "To have an understanding of the realities of the world we live in, it is absolutely essential to have some kind of knowledge of Asia," he says. "East Asia is one of the centers of the global economy. Think about the manufactured goods we deal with on a daily basis. Where do they come from? China, Korea and Japan.

  • >Michael ThomasMichael Thomas
    Michael Thomas has a passion for LaGrange College, and that serves him well as Director of Admisson. Thomas '05 says he enjoys sharing his love for his alma mater with potential students and their parents.

    "This is a community where you're going to be challenged," he says. "But you as a student are going to be heard, you're going to have a voice. Faculty, administration and staff are not only going to know your name, they are going to know your personal story.

  • Maranah Sauter Maranah Sauter
    If you've ever imagined yourself in the fast-paced world of emergency room care, pictured yourself as a pediatric nurse, or have dreams of becoming a nurse anesthetist, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at LaGrange College might be the perfect fit for you.

    As the need for nurses in the health-care profession remains strong, Dr. Maranah Sauter and fellow nursing faculty are intensely preparing students for the inherent demands of the high-stakes career through the BSN program. more...

  • Anthony WilsonAnthony Wilson
    English Professor Dr. Anthony Wilson believes his students have something significant to say.

    "Words, language is so fundamental to our identity, to who we are, to who we can become—and so enjoyable at the same time.

  • Nate TomsheckNate Tomsheck
    Nate Tomsheck takes the stuff of dreams and makes it tangible. As technical director and assistant professor in the Theatre Arts Department, he designs and builds the sets and scenery used in the college's productions.

  • Ashleigh PoteatAshleigh Poteat
    Ashleigh Poteat wanted a career that would stitch together her love of history with her passion for art and design. She found it in the theater.
    Poteat, the college's new Costume Designer and Assistant Professor of Theater, studied history while pursuing an arts, drama production and design degree at the University of North Carolina, Asheville.

  • Lee JohnsonLee Johnson
    Lee Johnson knew he had been entrusted with the musical legacy of one of the world's greatest rock bands when he began work on a new symphony 15 years ago.
    What he didn't know was how fans of the Grateful Dead would react to his work. more...

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