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The Interim, or 'Jan Term,' is the middle of LaGrange College's academic calendar, between fall and spring semesters. Interim courses are designed to encourage students to explore course content outside of their majors through personal, hands-on experience.

Jan Term classes include on-campus projects, independent research, internships and study-travel experiences. Capture a glimpse of the fun and challenge of Jan Term by taking a look at recent classes below.

2016 Study-Away Courses

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Art and Architecture of Florence and Rome
This course focuses on the art and architecture of Florence and Rome, Italy. The group will spend four days in Florence and four days in Rome, visiting museums and sites: in Florence, the Uffizi, the Accademia, the Duomo, San Marco, Santa Maria Novella, and Santa Croce; in Rome, St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums, the Pantheon, the Galleria Borghese, the Colosseum, the Ara Pacis, and the Forum. The group will also take a day-trip out of Florence to Siena.

Picturing Italy
This is a course in travel photography. Italy has been the source of artistic photographic interest since the 1800's. This course will be an exploration of how to represent visual experience in a strange place as well as a study of how photographers and filmmakers have used ancient and modern Italy as subject matter since the 15th Century.

The Wonder of the Renaissance Florence and the Glory of Rome
This course will involve travel to Florence and Rome. It will entail an interdisciplinary examination of the brilliance of the Italian Renaissance which was born in Florence, and also provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the glory and wonder of Ancient Roman Civilization.

Inheriting the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Culture, Values and Traditions of Italian Family Firms
Most Italian firms are owned and managed by families. Many of them can boast centuries of success and have timeless stories to share. This course will focus on how Italian family-run firms remain successful and innovative in a fast-changing world, despite firmly keeping family traditions and values. The students will spend 4 days in Florence and 4 days in Rome, visiting some of the world's oldest family companies: Barone Ricasoli (Wine and Olive Oil, Siena – founded in 1141), Torrini Firenze (Goldsmiths, Florence – founded in 1369), Antinori (Wine, Florence – founded in 1385), Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli (Bells Foundry, Rome – founded in 1040).


EnglandMusic in Performance, Performative Music
Students will learn about the development of English drama and music from the Medieval period to the present, thinking about how technology, religion, and politics have shaped advancements in these two media. This course is designed to show how the fields of music and literature (especially drama) are intertwined and have been shaped, enriched, and complicated by one another. To that end, we will consider the role music has played in the theater, especially during the Renaissance when public theaters first came to London. We will also consider how music—from Baroque opera to the Clash—has been invested with a spirit of performance. What, for example, drives artists like the Beatles and David Bowie to adopt different personas, and how is their music changed by these choices?

This course gives students the opportunity to experience London, Stratfordupon- Avon, and Liverpool with two professors who know, love and study music and theater, but it is not a course limited to English, theater, and music majors. It will also provide plenty of opportunities for students of art, political science, and history to examine the ways their fields have influenced music and literature throughout time. Above all, it is a class for people who care about music, painting, drama, or poetry, regardless of how much specialized knowledge they have in those fields.

Students will be quizzed on preliminary readings before the trip, will complete periodic writing assignments (including reviews of plays and performances) during our stint abroad, and (using digital media technology like Photosynth) complete a formal photo/audio essay upon our return.

Travel dates are January 5-22, 2016.

Schooling in Thailand
ThailandThe objective of this course is to experience another culture through the teaching of English and the arts in a hill tribe school, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Cultural excursions in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and surrounding mountain regions of northern Thailand are part of this 17-day experience. Pre-travel assignments include research of political, economic, social, geographic, and educational aspects of Thailand along with the development of lesson plans (due in Nov/Dec). The culminating assignment for the course is a guided reflection accompanied by a video and photo presentation. Attendance, participation, and teaching of lessons are required activities.


Enterprise and Service in Ecuador
In Calderon, a poor community located on the outskirts of Quito on the Pan- American Highway, students will work on the project, Jesus es el Camino (Jesus is the Way). We will be building an addition that will house a kitchen, cafeteria and classrooms for almost 200 children. We will also offer a Christian education component branching out into marginalized areas of Quito teaching very poor children about the love of Jesus. Students will also work with youth providing education, mentoring, and sports play. Micro-enterprise and coffee production will be studied and students will visit a coffee co-op and the Quito Indigenous market. A zip line experience through the canopy Andean Cloud Forest is optional.


PhilippinesService and Sustainability in the Philippines
This travel course provides an opportunity to experience service learning in the slum areas of Manila, Philippines, and study of coral reef ecology in the Philippines. The Philippines is a nation of over 90 million people and includes 7000 islands and 80 local languages. Filipino culture has an Asian foundation, but has been influenced by three centuries of Spanish and American colonial rule. Since English is the language of instruction in schools, students will be able speak to locals in English. Filipino hospitality is legendary, so you will have ample opportunity to form new lasting friendships. The Philippines ecology also is diverse and beautiful, including volcanoes, rain forests, beaches, and one of the world's most diverse coral reefs.

Students will be able to choose service in one of three areas:
(1) Serving the community of 10,000 homeless people living in North Manila Cemetery in education, food distribution, job training, and children's ministry; (2) Working on an organic farm in Bulacan, a suburban community, by planning and leading a youth camp; (3) Immersing in transcultural nursing education and community health at Mary Johnston College of Nursing and Hospital near Manila. After approximately 10 days of service, all students will travel to the island of Oriental Mindoro to explore the biodiversity of coral reefs. Students will snorkel in shallow water or take a scuba diving course in the coral reefs. Trip duration: about 18 days.

This course is the best match for students who are flexible, ready for adventure, willing to engage people who are very different from those you know, and strongly oriented towards service. Students should have a general fitness level that will allow them to snorkel and hike. We will work closely with the Methodist Church of the Philippines, so students also should be comfortable in a religious atmosphere. An interview with the professors is required before admission to the course.

Prior to departure, there will be an exam on the history and culture of the Philippines. Students will also choose a Philippines island/reef animal (a list will be provided) to research. While in the Philippines, each student will present their information to the group. A Service Journal will also be required.




Ecology and Culture of Hawaii
The geographic isolation of the Hawaiian Islands contributes to its unique ecology, culture and social issues. This course will examine the diverse habitats and unique geologic features found on Oahu and the Big Island as well as the social and economic factors affecting native Hawaiians. Several snorkeling events, an optional experience in a shark cage and day hikes will provide the opportunity to explore marine ecosystems, extinct volcanoes, and rain and cloud forests. Students will experience the history and culture of the Hawaiian Islands with trips to the last palace of the monarchy and a luau. Finally, our participation in two service projects including rainforest restoration and serving at a ransitional homeless shelter will provide the opportunity to witness and affect economic and social issues in Hawaii.



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Our Study-Away Commitment

At LaGrange College, we've seen our study abroad students return to campus with an enhanced sense of cultural awareness and confidence.
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