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The Interim, or 'Jan Term,' is the middle of LaGrange College's academic calendar, between fall and spring semesters. Interim courses are designed to encourage students to explore course content outside of their majors through personal, hands-on experience.

Jan Term classes include on-campus projects, independent research, internships and study-travel experiences. Capture a glimpse of the fun and challenge of Jan Term by taking a look at recent classes below.

2017 Study-Away Courses


Along the Streets of England:   London, Stratford, Oxford and Bath
Students will explore the cultural influences of England's history, art, and theatre beginning in London and travelling to Bath, Oxford and Stratford. London sightseeing includes Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square and such landmarks as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The British Museum and the National Gallery. They will also tour the Globe Theater, enjoy a Thames River cruise with a stop at the Tower of London, and see three West End theatrical productions. The group will visit prehistoric Stonehenge, the University town of Oxford, and Bath, home of the famous Roman Baths, which many call, "England's most beautiful small city." Finally, students will travel to Shakespeare's birthplace along the banks of the Avon River in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Central America Immersion
Central America Immersion

Experience a full cultural and educational immersion in Ahuachapán, El Salvador and San Isidro, Costa Rica by spending 3 + weeks working with and for the wonderful people in these beautiful countries. Our journey begins with 10 days in El Salvador and concludes with 12 days in Costa Rica. This Servant Leadership themed course will provide opportunities to serve in clinics, children's education/after school programs and slum neighborhoods, while elevating Spanish language skills, and working alongside the United Methodist Church and missions organizations with possible church/school programs and construction. Students may also have a chance to work and serve in their major area. On weekends we will enjoy days off to travel to volcanoes, hike in the mountains and relax on the beautiful beaches. Spanish language skills are helpful. All majors are welcome.

El Salvador and Costa Rica are countries of great beauty and deep need ...the perfect places to spend a January you'll never forget.

Nursing Since Nightingale
This course uses nursing’s history as a framework for analyzing the evolution of nursing care since the Victorian era of Florence Nightingale.  The course includes changing ideas about nursing and health care delivery and the changing role, expectations and realities for nursing in the global market.  

Picturing Tuscany
Picturing Tuscany

Tuscany is the “heart of Italy," a region known for its pictorial beauty. It has been the source of artistic interest since the 1800’s. The area of Tuscany we will visit is a “mecca” for anyone interested in the evolution of western culture beginning with the Etruscans and ending with Federico Fellini. Sites rich in historic, visual, and spiritual significance will be visited such as the Basilica ofS. Francescoesco Saint Francis in Assisi, the Etruscan museums in Perugia and Cortona, the Cathedral of Florence and the Convent of San Marco, the Palazzo Pubblico and Cathedral of Siena.

Service and Sustainability in the Philippine
Service and Sustainability in the Philippines

This travel course provides an opportunity to experience service learning in the slum areas of Manila, Philippines, and study of coral reef ecology in the Philippines. The Philippines is a nation of over 90 million people and includes 7000 islands and 80 local languages. Filipino culture has an Asian foundation, but has been influenced by three centuries of Spanish and American colonial rule. Since English is the language of instruction in schools, students will be able speak to locals in English. Filipino hospitality is legendary, so you will have ample opportunity to form new lasting friendships. The Philippines ecology also is diverse and beautiful, including volcanoes, rain forests, beaches, and one of the world’s most diverse coral reefs.

Students will be able to choose service in one of three areas: (1) Serving the community of 10,000 homeless people living in North Manila Cemetery in education, food distribution, job training, and children’s ministry; (2) Working on an organic farm in Bulacan, a suburban community, by planning and leading a youth camp; (3) Immersing in transcultural nursing education and community health at Mary Johnston College of Nursing and Hospital near Manila. After approximately 10 days of service, all students will travel to the island of Oriental Mindoro to explore the biodiversity of coral reefs. Students will snorkel in shallow water or take a scuba diving course in the coral reefs. Trip duration: about 18 days.

Spain: From Empire to Constitutional Monarchy
This course will cover the broad span of Spanish history beginning with the unification of the Kingdom in the late 15th century up to the status of contemporary Spain. 

Teaching in Thailand
Teaching in Thailand

This 17-day experience takes you to the international city of Bangkok before traveling into the northern regions of Thailand (Chiang Mai, and Chiang Dao). Discover how art and play are universal languages when interacting with the children of Thailand. Learn about a completely different culture on the other side of the world. Activities include cultural orientation and development Thailandof art project ideas prior to departure; one week of service to hill tribe children by teaching through the arts; evenings and weekends are open for visiting temples, shopping, and exploration; zip-lining, elephant riding, and river rafting are planned activities.

The Culture of 2 Capitals: Paris & Berlin
The Culture of 2 Capitals: Paris & Berlin

This course will focus on the culture and history of Paris, France, as well as on the culture and history of Berlin, Germany. We will spend the first part of the course learning as much as we can about these two major world capitals so that we can fully appreciate our visit. In the second part of the course, we will travel first to Paris and then to Berlin. We will visit significant historical Parissites, sample each city’s cultural offerings, and appreciate the differences—as well as the similarities—between modern life in France and in Germany and our familiar American lifestyle.

Prior knowledge of either the French or the German language will be invaluable, but it is not required; in this class you will learn some rudimentary French and German words and expressions so that you can handle basic social encounters and understand place names.

The Reconquista and the Age of Exploration
The Reconquista and the Age of Exploration

The course will examine the period of Spain’s reconquest of the Iberian homeland from the Muslims through the country’s rise as the leader of the Age of Exploration.  Topics examined will include the resulting diverse culture, the historic interaction of Christians, Jews and Muslims in the region, and how the Crusade mentality carried over to the New World explorations.


New York: City of Culture, History, and Art
New York: City of Culture, History, and Art

This course focuses on the rich legacy of cultural institutions and historic sites in New York City. Students will spend 8 days visiting the city's historical sites, museums, and architectural monuments: The 9/11 Museum and Memorial, The One World Observatory, The Statue of Liberty, The Museum of the City of New York, The Cloisters, St. John’s the Divine Cathedral, The Clinton Library in Harlem, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Morgan Library, The Frick Collection, The American Museum of Natural History, The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art, and The High Line. 


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Although no major revisions are anticipated in the courses described in this brochure, LaGrange College reserves the right to make whatever changes may be necessary in the status, costs, requirements, or other details of its Interim courses. Any course may be canceled for adequate reason, such as lack of sufficient enrollment.

Our Study-Away Commitment

At LaGrange College, we've seen our study abroad students return to campus with an enhanced sense of cultural awareness and confidence.
That's why our "Study-Away" program provides first-time, first year students a voucher worth up to $2,500 for an off-campus travel experience their junior or senior year.

Study destinations may include art classes in Paris, international business seminars in Tokyo or animal behavior research in the jungles of Costa Rica.
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