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Welcome to the NHD Mentoring Program. Our goal is to help you do the very best work you can on your National History Day project. You should know that you are part of a global program and this year almost 500,000 students just like you will be conducting research and presenting their findings. The contest is always very exciting but remember this: no matter what level you compete at know that you are to be commended for your hard work and diligence. 

Getting Started/Topic Exploration

Start your NHD journey by reviewing the theme sheet, theme book, and rule book (see above). Check out the following sources to help you select and narrow a topic for your NHD project: 
Once you've reviewed those pages and selected a topic you're ready to begin the adventure!

Research Tools

Georgia Historical Society 
Taking A Stand In History: 
History of Technology: 

Thesis Statements

Process Paper/Annotated Bib

Student Samples of NHD Projects

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Project Organization

Research Paper



Online Classroom Videos

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