National History Day Mentoring Program - Judges

Every National History Day Competition, regardless of level, depends upon the wonderful team of volunteers who make it possible.  Critical to the team are the judges. NHD is a program that engages students in a year long adventure in which they become research scholars.  Students, working either individually or in a group,  conduct their research and present their findings through one of five media:  historical paper, Exhibit, Performance, Documentary or Website.  As a judge you'll get to share in their excitement as they report their findings at a contest.  

The State of Georgia has ten regions and each one needs volunteers at the school as well as regional level.  Each year our state contest, which convenes at Mercer University, requires.

You can choose the category you wish to judge.  

The categories with links to the judging instructions follow.

They include:

Each judge will complete a judging sheet.  

Please contact the program if you're interesting in volunteering to judge!

Contact Information

Kevin Shirley
Program Coordinator
Phone 706-880-8033

Contact the Program
Phone 706-880-8174