History Courses

(Textbook Information)

*HIST 1101 World Civilization I.

(3) Fall and Spring
Survey course on the development of world civilization up to 1660.

*HIST 1102 World Civilization II.
(3) Fall and Spring
Survey course on the development of world civilization from 1660 to the present.

*HIST 1111 History of the United States to 1865.
(3) Fall
Emphasis on the Colonial, Revolutionary, early national, and Civil War periods.

*HIST 1112 History of the United States, 1865 to the Present.
(3) Spring
Emphasis on Reconstruction, liberal nationalism, New Deal, and postwar periods.

HIST 2000 Research Methods in History.
(3) Interim
This course is required of all sophomore history majors. It acquaints the student with the basic components of historical methodology and research.

HIST 3000 Public History.
(3) on demand
This course provides an overview of public history, exploring the many arenas in which one can apply the practical use of historical research, analysis, writing, and presentation in non-teaching fields. Students learn what constitutes public history, understand the techniques and practices associated with it, and develop a critical assessment of the public history field and the contemporary issues facing public historians. The course also aims to improve students' abilities to apply historical skills and knowledge, especially in their presentation of information to general audiences outside of academia.

HIST 3301 The Greco-Roman World.
(3) Fall
A study of Greco-Roman civilization from its birth in ancient Greece through the collapse of the western Roman Empire in the fifth century A.D.

HIST 3302 The Middle Ages, 350-1350 .
(3) Spring
This course offers a comprehensive study of the development of medieval civilization from the late fifth century to the late fourteenth century.

HIST 3305 The Islamic World to 1500.
(3) on demand
This course will examine the development of Islam, its growth and diversification from its birth in seventh century C.E. Arabia through the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

HIST 3306 History of the South.
(3) on demand
Emphasis on the antebellum, Civil War, Reconstruction, and New South periods.

HIST 3310 Constitutional History of the United States to 1900.
(3) on demand
An analysis of fundamental constitutional development from 1776 to present.
Prerequisites: HIST 1111 and HIST 1112

HIST 3311 Constitutional History of the U.S., 1901 to the Present.

(3) on demand
An analysis of fundamental constitutional development from 1901 to the present.

HIST 3315 Georgia History.
(3) Summer (on demand)
A study of Georgia History from the pre-colonial period to the present, with emphasis on the historical, social, economic, and political development of the State.

HIST 3317 Colonial America.
(3) on demand
This course examines the colonial history of British North America during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

HIST 3319 Nineteenth-Century America.
(3) on demand
This course examines the history of the United States over the course of the 1800s, tracing its developments from a fledgling nation, through internal divisions, to its rise as an industrial world power. Themes may include race, gender, Jeffersonian republicanism, popular democracy, territory and war, the frontier, expansion and imperialism, and industrialization.

HIST 3320 The Renaissance and the Reformation, 1350-1600.
(3) Fall
This course offers a detailed study of the civilization of Renaissance and Reformation Europe. Primary focus is on the artistic and religious achievements of the period 1350 to 1600.

HIST 3330 The Medieval Church and Papacy.
(3) Spring
This course examines the institutional and cultural history of the medieval church, with special emphasis on the role of the papacy and its impact on medieval civilization.

HIST 3331 Colonial Latin American History.

(3) Fall
An examination of the history of Latin America from the pre-Conquest era through the independence movements of the early nineteenth century.

HIST 3332 Comparative Colonization and Slavery.
(3) Spring
This course offers a comparative examination of colonial contact in the Americas, including the interaction of Europeans, natives, and Africans within the French, Spanish, and British empires of the New World.

HIST 3341 Russia to 1856.
(3) Fall
A comprehensive survey of the Russian historical development from the appearance of the Kievan State in the 9th century through the Crimean War.

HIST 3342 Russia, 1856 to the Present.
(3) Spring
An examination of the Imperial Russian state.

HIST 3350 Renaissance and Renascences.
(3) Spring
An examination of the great cultural revivals from the age of Charlemagne to the age of Michelangelo.

HIST 3361 History of England to 1689.
(3) Fall
A political, economic, social, and cultural history of England from 55 B.C. to 1689.

HIST 3362 History of England, 1689 to the Present.
(3) Spring
A political, economic, social, and cultural history of England from 1689 to the present.

HIST 3372 Europe, 1660-1870.

(3) Fall
A comprehensive survey of European history from the reign of Louis XIV through the rise of the modern German state in 1870.

HIST 3374 Europe, 1870 to the Present.
(3) Spring
A comprehensive survey of European history from the Bismarckian Era to the present.

HIST 3378 European Diplomatic History, 1890 to the Present.
(3) on demand
A detailed examination of European international relations from 1890, the end of the Bismarkian system, to the present.

HIST 4416 Twentieth-Century America.

(3) on demand
An intensive study of the United States during the twentieth century.

HIST 4485 Internship in Public History.
(1-6) on demand
This course allows students practical experience in the field of public history. Internships consist of a minimum of 120 hours (per 3 credits) of work in areas such as archival management, historical editing and publication, exhibit design, historical tourism, and collections processing. May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) credits, but only three (3) credit hours may apply to the major requirements.

HIST 4486 National History Day Service Seminar.

(3) on demand
This service seminar combines a focused study of applied public history with service ?in the field.? Students will actively engage in public history by providing mentoring services to middle and high school students through the National History Day Program.

HIST 4490 Senior History Seminar.
(3) Spring
A study of historiography and research methods and materials.
Prerequisites: senior History major or permission of the professor and the Chair of the department. This course may be attempted only twice.

HIST 4499 Special Topics.

(3) on demand
A course offered at the junior/senior level, focusing on a specialized topic in the field of history.
*Denotes HIST courses that may substitute for a CORE Humanities course in the Core Curriculum.