Exercise Science

What exactly is exercise science?
If you get a rush from organized sports, feel proud when you work out with teammates and help one another succeed, or if eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority to you, consider earning a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.

Exercise science majors study the science of human movement. They research questions on nutrition and exercise and seek to understand injury and illness prevention.

Two concentrations are offered, based on projected postgraduate objectives:

Allied Health, for students who may want to pursue careers related to physical therapy or sports medicine

Fitness/Wellness, for those who are looking toward a career as a personal or team trainer

Meet exercise science majors:

Cameron Williams
Cameron WilliamsCameron’s dream is to coach soccer and eventually take over an athletic department at the college level, and he’s not wasting any time to achieve his goals.

Since he was a sophomore at LaGrange, he has coached varsity soccer at Springwood School, a private pre-kindergarten through 12th grade institution, in Lanett, Ala.

“I originally did an internship there,” he says.

The opportunity lead to his current coaching position.

“I coach high school juniors and seniors, but this past season I had several eighth graders because we’re kind of building a team from scratch.

“It’s different because I’m only 22 and the players are eighteen, so they’re around my age. We’ve found ways to connect with each other, so it’s been a blessing.

“I’m able to give back what I’ve learned from playing soccer. I want to give it to these students at an earlier age than when I was learning. By teaching them the skills that I have now, they’ll have what they need to further their expertise on the field.

What about careers?

With America's increased attention to health, fitness and leisure, new career opportunities for Exercise Science degree-holders open up each year. For most individuals, completion of a graduate degree will mean a higher salary and better opportunities for advancement.

Below is a list of Career Opportunities in Exercise Science and Related Fields. Note that some of them may require specialized training, internships, advanced degrees, certifications and/or licensing.

  • Sports Teams/Athletic Departments
  • Health Clubs/Training Centers
  • Hospitals/Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Administration/Education/Business