Exercise Science Courses

(Textbook Information)


HPED 1153 Camp Leadership and Program.
(3) on demand
A study of camping in an organized setting and of the leadership skills necessary for the implementation of the camp program.

HPED 1154 First Aid: Responding to Emergencies.
(3) Fall and Spring
This course focuses on the identification of emergency situations and selection of correct response. Certification in American Red Cross standard first aid and adult, child, and infant rescue breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is earned upon successful completion of the course.

HPED 1155 Lifeguard Training.
(3) Spring
Competencies in swimming and life-guarding techniques, swimming speed, and endurance are developed in this course. American Red Cross lifeguard training and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the professional rescuer certifications are the result of successful completion of this course.

Prerequisites: current standard First Aid Certification; passing of the following practical exams on the first day of class: 500-yd. continuous swim (crawl, breast stroke, and sidestroke); treading water for two (2) minutes with legs only, and retrieving a brick from the deep end of the pool.

HPED 1156 Water Safety Instructor.
(3) Spring
A course that focuses on the development of competencies in swimming stroke and instructional techniques. Students who successfully complete this course earn certification in Red Cross WSI, enabling them to teach all levels of the Learn to Swim Program, as well as Basic and Emergency Water Safety courses.

HPED 2202 Sports Statistics.
(3) on demand
Techniques of recording sports statistics and maintaining scorebooks are the focus of this class.

HPED 2251 Introduction to Physical Education.
(3) on demand
A survey course of the career choices available in physical education. Opportunities to talk with and observe professionals in various sub-specializations.

HPED 3302 Organization and Administration of Recreational and Physical Education Programs
(3) on demand
A study of the organization and administration of instructional, intramural, and interscholastic activity programs. Special emphasis is placed on the selection, purchase, and care of safe equipment and facilities, as well as on the legal requirements for providing and maintaining safe programs and facilities.

HPED 3305 Sports Psychology.
(3) Spring
A study of human behavior in the context of the sporting experience and how performance is affected by the interactions of the coach, athletes, and the environment. Emphasis is on motivation, personality, attributions, disengagement from sport, aggression, leadership, and communication patterns.

HPED 3306 Techniques of Sports Officiating.
(3) Spring
This course focuses on techniques of officiating athletic events. Knowledge of the rules of selected sports and extensive practical officiating in selected sports form the basis of this course.

HPED 3310 Coaching Theory and Methods.
(3) on demand
Analysis of teaching skills and techniques of the different interscholastic sports in high schools.

HPED 3312 Principles of Strength Conditioning and Nutrition for Athletes.
(3) Fall
This course focuses on the examination of proper techniques, concepts, and applications of exercise science. Nutritional principles as these relate to athletic performance also are included.

HPED 3313 Leadership in Physical Education and Athletics.
(3) Spring
A study of the leadership skills necessary to implement and conduct physical activity programs and functions.

HPED 3320 Methods in Health and Physical Education in the Elementary School.
(3) Fall
A study of the objectives, materials, activities, and curricula appropriate for elementary school physical education and health. Supervised observation and practical experiences in the elementary schools are provided.

HPED 3331 Personal Health Issues.
(3) on demand
This course allows students to explore basic health issues and principles in depth. Topics include fitness, diet and weight control, nutrition, human sexuality, stress management, death education, aging, and drug and alcohol education.

HPED 3332 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries/Illnesses.
(3) Spring
This course focuses on common injuries and illnesses occurring in athletics. Topics include, but are not limited to, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, abdominal injuries, injury management, emergency triage, anatomical instability, blood borne pathogens, and mechanics of injury.

HPED 3333 Yoga for Wellness.
(3) Fall
A study of the effects that yoga has on all aspects of the human body, including physical, mental, and spiritual. Topics will include breathing techniques, asanas, fasting, meditation, and different disciplines of yoga.

HPED 3334 Advanced Yoga with Martial Arts Training.
(3) Fall and Spring
This advanced course will build on the foundation that the ―Yoga for Wellness‖ course established. ―Advanced Yoga with Martial Arts Training‖ will emphasize mental focus, body organization, alignment, technique, and core development. This advanced yoga course with martial arts training is designed to bring the student eye to eye with their greatest obstacles, which are perceived physical and mental limitations. This course is one pathway to cultivating the mind/body clarity and power that lead to developing the will.

HPED 3340 Karate: Techniques and Philosophy
(3) on demand
A study of the interrelation between training and philosophy in karate. Students learn karate techniques and examine the philosophy of modern karate. Participants observe how the philosophy influences the essences of training and how the training affects the spirit of philosophy. Physical activity is required.

HPED 3352 Physiology of Exercise.
(3) on demand
The effects of exercise on the major systems of the human body—including cardio-respiratory, neuromuscular, glandular, and digestive—are the focus of this course. Effects of heat, altitude, and ergogenic aids on the human body during exercise also are included.
Prerequisites: BIOL 2148, 2149

HPED 3390 Seminar and Lab Practice in Physical Education.
(3) Fall and Spring
This course provides supervised leadership experiences in various physical education or athletic settings. Seminar discussions focus on common issues and concerns.
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and completion of 6 hours of HPED courses

HPED 4400 Internship in Physical Education and Coaching.
(3) Interim
Directed observation and participation in physical education, coaching, and/or supervisory situations.
Prerequisites: All students eligible with recommendation from the department chair in health and physical education


The physical education activity program is designed to provide opportunities for learning or enhancing those skills necessary to participate in leisure time activities throughout the life cycle. Special emphasis also is given to activities that improve one's physical fitness and condition. All courses carry one (1) semester hour of credit and count toward the hours needed for graduation.

PEDU 1102 Beginning Archery.
(1) Fall and Spring
Basic competencies in archery techniques and safety with experiences in target shooting.

PEDU 1103 Badminton.
(1) Spring
Introduction to the skills, strategies, and rules of badminton.

PEDU 1104 Basketball.
(1) on demand
Basic competencies in the techniques, strategies, and rules of basketball.

PEDU 1105 Jogging.
(1) Fall and Spring
Participation in progressive running programs designed to increase cardiovascular endurance.
Basic assessment, maintenance, and improvement of overall physical fitness

PEDU 1109 Beginning Golf.
(1) Fall and Spring
Introduction to the basic skills, strategies, and rules of golf. Field trips to city golf courses.

PEDU 1111 Softball.
(1) Fall
Basic competencies and knowledge of rules and strategies of softball.

PEDU 1112 Beginning Tennis.
(1) Fall and Spring
Introduction to the basic skills, strategies, and rules of tennis.

PEDU 1114 Volleyball.
(1) Fall and Spring
Basic competencies in the techniques, strategies, and rules of volleyball.

PEDU 1116 Personal Fitness.
(1) Spring
Introduction to diet and weight control techniques, as well as assessment and maintenance of personal fitness.
PEDU 1120 Karate.
(1) on demand
Basic competencies and skills in karate techniques.

PEDU 1121 Bicycling.
(1) on demand
Introduction to the basic equipment, safety, and techniques of cycling, including training and racing strategies. Weekend field trips.

PEDU 1122 Weightlifting/Plyometrics.
(1) Fall and Spring
Introduction to exercises that are geared toward increasing speed, power, and jumping ability. A basic overview of the physiological factors involved in the exercises.

PEDU 1123 Beginning Swimming.
(1) Spring
Introduction to the aquatic environment, with emphasis on competence in primary swimming and safety skills and stroke readiness.

PEDU 1124 Intermediate/Advanced Swimming .
(1) on demand
Development and refinement of key swimming strokes. Introduction to turns, surface dives, and springboard diving.
Prerequisite: PEDU 1123 or equivalent skills

(1) Fall and Spring
Competencies in safe diving techniques and practices, as well as safe use of SCUBA diving equipment. PADI Open Water Diver Certification available upon completion of course and optional trip for checkout dives.
Prerequisite: PEDU 1124 or equivalent intermediate swimming skills

PEDU 1156 Canoeing.
(1) Fall and Spring
Fundamental canoeing skills emphasized. Field trips to lake facilities and overnight camping experience are provided to give extensive opportunities for recreational canoeing.

PEDU 1158 Backpacking.
(1) Spring
Introduction to basic equipment, safety, and techniques of trail camping. Extensive field trips to state and national trails are provided.

PEDU 1161 Rhythmic Aerobics.
(1) Fall and Spring
A conditioning course in which exercise is done to musical accompaniment for the purpose of developing cardiovascular efficiency, strength and flexibility.

PEDU 1162 Hiking, Orienteering, and Camping.
(1) Fall and Spring
Introduction to basic techniques of tent camping, map, and compass work. Field trips to nearby campgrounds and forest lands.

PEDU 1164 Water Aerobics.
(1) Fall and Spring
Development of cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, body composition, and muscle endurance/tone through vigorous water exercise. The resistance of the water makes this course an excellent choice for the beginner as well as the well-conditioned athlete, and for the swimmer as well as the non-swimmer.

PEDU 1166 Scottish Country Dance.
(1) Fall and Spring
Introduction to and dancing of folk dances of Scotland. Learn figures and steps of reels, jigs, and strathspey.
Opportunity to attend workshops sponsored by the Atlanta Branch of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.