Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration ( Download the brochure )
If you want an education in business that will give you a liberal arts education and prepare you for a career in a number of different businesses, you'll be a perfect fit for this program.  Beyond learning about the business world and the business environment, you'll take 24 hours of elective credits to round out your education.

Degree requirements include completion of the General Education curriculum, 24 elective credits, and the following major courses.

  • BUA 200 Principles of Economics
  • BUA 260 Principles of Accounting
  • BUA 351 Legal and Ethical Environment
  • BUA 354 Business Performance Analysis
  • BUA 370 Management & Organizational Behavior
  • BUA 380 Principles of Marketing
  • BUA 440 Management Simulation
  • BUA 393 Cultural Aspects of International Business
  • MTH 114 Statistics
  • MTH 360 Problem Solving

Please contact Laura Faulkner at or call 706-880-8039 for additional information.