Evening College

It's all about flexibility.
It's all about flexibility. Who says you cannot be a full-time employee and a full-time student.  LaGrange College’s Evening College program is for non-traditional students, structured to allow qualified students to earn an undergraduate degree at night through full-time or part-time study – without sacrificing their professional and personal responsibilities.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Why Evening College?

Daniel Martiny
Daniel MartinyDaniel Martiny’s job promotion is proof that having a college degree can make a profound difference.

Daniel is the new operations manager for Roswell-based Single Source Inc., a leading supplier of automotive painting. Single Source, which has 37 stores across 15 states, promoted Daniel to the position after he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration at LaGrange College in May. He is now among Single Source’s youngest operations managers in the country and heads its largest store.

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Taressa Thompson
Taressa ThompsonThere was a time in Taressa Thompson’s life that she thought she might be earning her college degree “at 80, holding a cane.” 

“I knew education was important, but at times having a family and trying to have a career while going to school was all just too much,” Taressa said. “My family ended up overriding my education. I stopped and started, stopped and started, and thought I’d never finish school.” 

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