Middle Grades Education

EDUC 1199   Foundation in Education
EDUC 3342   Child Development Practicum
EDUC 3456   Reading and Writing in the Middle Grades
EDUC 4363   Curriculum and Accountability in the Middle Grades
EDUC 4449   Classroom Technology for Elementary and Middle Grades
EDUC 4480   Senior Seminar
EDUC 4490E   Early Childhood Student Teaching
EDUC 4490M   Student Teaching in the Middle Grades

Two of the following

EDUC 3317   Science Methods
EDUC 3319   Math Methods
EDUC 4456   Language Arts Methods
EDUC 4457   Social Studies Methods

All pre-service teachers pass through a series of checkpoints prior to entering the program.

The following are required for entrance into the program:

Completion of EDUC 1199 – Foundations In Education (grade of "C" or better)
Completion of core curriculum
Praxis I completion or exemption
GPA of 2.50 or better
Submission of application to program with recommendations from EDUC 1199 professor and current advisor Background check (No criminal record or discharge from the armed services that would prevent teacher certification)
Successful interview with Education Faculty

After interviewing with education faculty, students may be admitted provisionally if the results of the Praxis examination are pending, or if one of the other criteria falls marginally short of the minimum requirements.