M.A.T. Coursework

The MAT Secondary and Middle Grades programs require 39 semester hours of coursework, focusing on teaching methods, classroom skills and practical experience.

EDUC 5000 Summer Field Experience
Taken in the firstsummer of the program, this course centers on the basics of classroominstruction and management to prepare the MAT candidate for teaching in themiddle schools. Instruction is deliveredthrough small group seminars led by the professor to prepare MAT candidates toassist master classroom teachers in the instruction of 4-8 grade-aged studentsin a three week summer field experience operated by the college for areachildren. The objectives for the courseare for the candidate to show positive dispositions for teaching as well asprovide evidence of a classroom instructional and management plan supported bybest teaching practices.

EDUC 5020 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle and Secondary Grades
This course exploreswhat mathematics content is necessary to know, what methods are available toteach mathematics, how to create healthy classroom environments conducive tohigh levels of academic achievement and how to design and create instructionalexperiences based on mathematics content and curriculum, students learningenvironments and assessment.

EDUC 5021 Teaching Social Studies and History in the Middle andSecondary Grades
This course exploreswhat social studies and history content is necessary to know, what methods areavailable to teach social studies and history, how to create healthy classroomenvironments conducive to high levels of academic achievement and how to designand create instructional experiences based on social studies and historycontent and curriculum, students learning environments and assessment.

EDUC 5022 Teaching Science in the Middle and Secondary Grades
This course exploreswhat science content is necessary to know, what methods are available to teachscience, how to create healthy classroom environments conducive to high levelsof academic achievement and how to design and create instructional experiencesbased on science content and curriculum, students learning environments andassessment.

EDUC 5023 Teaching English Language Arts in the Middle and SecondaryGrades
This course exploreswhat English language arts content is necessary to know, what methods areavailable to teach English language arts, how to create healthy classroomenvironments conducive to high levels of academic achievement and how to designand create instructional experiences based on English language arts content andcurriculum, students learning environments and assessment.

EDUC 5040 Affirming Diversity
Students will read and discuss articles and critiques by scholars who are concerned with issues of equity, social justice, community and responsibility in a democratic, multicultural society. Because teachers are advocates for curriculum, instruction, learning environments and opportunities that support the diverse needs of and high expectations for all students, an emphasis will be given to the implementation of multicultural teaching in the classroom. Course will encourage teachers to think theoretically about their practice and learn from experience through contemplation of how the research in multicultural education relates to the classroom today.

EDUC 5060 Secondary/Middle Grades Exceptional Child
A study of identification and diagnostic techniques for secondary teachers as related to areas of exceptionality among students, alternative styles of teaching to meet special needs, and related legal issues.

EDUC 5700 Internship
I (4) and II (8)
Student Teaching is a full semester (13 week) internship in specific middle and high schools with pre-service teachers gradually assuming total responsibility for the class. They are evaluated through a rigorous performance-based assessment process based on national standards. They will participate in classroom teaching and observation, planning and evaluation conferences, and other school-related experiences with guidance provided by the cooperating teachers and college supervisor. Several seminars will be held in conjunction with these experiences and will address a variety of topics. Portfolio elements required.

EDUC 6010 Assessment and Accountability
This course is designed to acquaint students with the basic principles of assessing learning using different techniques and strategies. Among the areas addressed will be theory, methods, standardized tests, and fundamental statistical concepts. In addition the students will study testing, grading, ethical considerations, and current issues in educational assessment.

EDUC 6020 Educational Technology
Educational Technology is offered to graduate middle and secondary MAT/MED majors during the summer semesters. This course will meet the expected performances found in the Georgia Technology Standards for Educators. It is designed to teach Global Communication Skills, Application Skills and Integrative Strategies. All students will be responsible for designing a professional web site and electronic portfolio that will contain evidence of their expertise in classroom technology. The evidence will be aligned with the Georgia Technology Standards.

EDUC 6030 Problems of Reading
A study of reading problems encountered in public education. This courseaddresses reading skill development in special populations including those withlimited English abilities, problems in content reading assignments, andnon-readers in the secondary school setting. Special attention is given todeveloping strategies for teaching reading and writing to readers at variousskill levels. Candidates will develop resources for effective teaching based onthe Georgia Performance Standards and standards from IRA and NCTE.

EDUC 6040 Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
This course provides candidates with an overview of the theories and models that have shaped the way curricula have developed and the way processes, tools, and applications affect instructional practices. The course examines current educational issues that continue to shape curriculum and instruction in our schools.

The MAT program with a concentration in Reading for Middle Grades requires 42 semester hours of coursework.Course descriptions for the reading concentration are as follows:

EDUC 5050 Affirming Diversity: Teaching Reading for Success in Changing Times
This course is designedto enhance candidates' knowledge of the culture of American ethnic minoritiesand changing global societies. Emphasiswill be on rethinking curriculum from multiple perspectives with special focuson reading instruction.

EDUC 5070 Assessing and Improving Literacy
Assessing and improvingliteracy in the Middle Grades will focus on the identification and correctionof reading problems in middle grades students. Special attention will be given to formal and informal assessment aswell as teaching materials and strategies for intervention. A variety of assessment techniques andtechnology sources will be incorporated throughout the course.

EDUC 5080 Essentials of Adolescent Literature
Essentials ofAdolescent Literature is designed to increase students' understanding ofvarious genres of literature, elements of fiction, literary devices, andorganizational structures of informational texts. Candidates will learn to select books forinstruction, pleasure, and enrichment of the curriculum. This course explores a variety of effectivemethods for sharing and responding to literature and includes a study ofmulticultural and international literature and ways to connect adolescents ofall cultures to literature.

EDUC 5090 Foundations of Reading Theories
Reading Foundations forthe Middle Grades explores the psychological, sociological, and linguisticfoundations of reading and writing as a communication system and as a learnedbehavior. This course includes a studyof recent reading research and the histories of reading. Candidates will understand the theoriesbehind the reading process and how reading research influences teaching.

EDUC 6030 Problems in Reading