Randy Colvin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 706-880-8254
Fax: 706-880-8315

Professor Colvin has been at LaGrange College since 2008. He received his B.A. in Fisheries Biology from Colorado State University, an M.S. in Fisheries Science from Oregon State University, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum Education at Auburn University. He teaches non-majors General Biology, several upper level organismal biology courses and has taught a collection of Summer/Evening and Interim courses . His research interests include stream restoration, fish and macroinvertebrate ecology as well as participating in community involvement with environmental issues. His teaching philosophy involves taking students outside the confines of the classroom and have them experience nature for themselves and allow them to experience these conceptual ideas firsthand and participate and design their own field research projects. With his guidance several students have developed and conducted Independent Study research projects in ecology.

He is a member of the American Fisheries Society, Alabama Outdoors and he is currently participating in the cultural diversity committee and developing a servant leadership course in January.

BIOL 1101/L – General Biology I (non-majors) with Lab
BIOL 1102/L – General Biology II (non-majors) with Lab
Summer II – BIOL 1102/L – General Biology II (non-majors) with Lab
BIOL 3334 – Ecology w/Lab
BIOL 3335 – Zoology w/Lab
BIOL 3336 – Botany w/Lab
BIOL 4495 – Independent Study