Dr. Melinda Pomeroy-Black

Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Melinda Pomeroy-Black

Dr. Pomeroy-Black has been at LaGrange College since 2005. She received her B.A. in Biology from Rhodes College, an M.S. in Pathology from Virginia Tech, and a Ph.D. in Toxicology from Virginia Tech. She teaches non-majors General Biology, several upper level cell courses and a Senior Seminar course in Biomedical Ethics. Her research interests are the mechanisms by which certain pesticides cause neurotoxic effects using in vitro and alternative species models. With her guidance, several students have conducted Independent Study research projects in toxicology, some of which have been published in the undergraduate research journal, Citations, and presented at an international conference. She has received two research grants to establish a cell culture facility and conduct research with students using the facility.  

Dr. Pomeroy-Black serves as the Coordinator for the Pre-Professional Programs, and the advisor for the Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Dental and Pre-Pharmacy programs.

She is a member of the Society of Toxicology and the National Association of Biology Teachers.

BIOL 1101/L – General Biology I with Lab
BIOL 1102/L – General Biology II with Lab
BIOL 1107L - Principles of Biology Lab
BIOL 3322 – Immunology w/Lab
BIOL 3360 – Histology w/Lab
BIOL 3370 – Toxicology w/Lab
BIOL 3374 – Cell Biology w/Lab
BIOL 4470 – Senior Seminar
BIOL 4495 – Independent Study
INTM 4419 - Water Wars: Keep Your Hands Off My Water
INTM 3442 - Ecology and Culture of Hawaii